Site Disclaimer

Pearland Counseling Center does not employ any mental health provider, nor are we a provider of care. We do not give preference to any provider during our referral process. Pearland Counseling Center does not endorse any particular therapist listed and is only providing a tool to help you search for a provider.  

When seeking mental health services, it is the client’s responsibility to be properly informed of the qualifications and credentials of the therapists with whom they seek to work with.  

It is your legal right to be fully informed on your therapist’s background and credentials. Pearland Counseling Center cannot be held liable for anything that takes place between you and your provider.  

It is advised that when seeking a provider, patients verify credentials with The Texas Behavioral Health Executive Council (BHEC). There are varying degrees and levels of professional qualifications which include educational background, clinical training, supervision, as well as licensure and registration status. For more information, please check out the BHEC site here

  Pearland Counseling Center does not employ therapists and, therefore, does not conduct investigations of any kind against a therapist’s licensure. Pearland Counseling Center is not an overseeing agency and is not the proper entity to receive complaints or issues against therapists for any reason. If you have the need or desire to make a complaint, please do so with BHEC at