Jessica Kafrouni MA, M.Ed., LPC-Supervisor, LCDC

Jessica Kafrouni What would your life look like if you freed yourself from reliving the past or worrying about the future? What if you didn’t have to carry around the heavy burden that’s slowly draining you? As humans, we take on a lot. I get it. You’re constantly trying to keep up with expectations and keep those around you happy. You want to be your best self but it always feels out of reach – no matter how hard you try. But you don’t have to let perfectionism or self-limiting beliefs steal your inner peace – and keep you from living a happy life. I’m here to help you heal from your past and confidently own your present and future.

You deserve to live a vibrant life that you love. By learning how to connect with yourself, you uncover your inner strength and true potential. You have the power to see life in a different light – whether it’s physically, relationally, spiritually, creatively, or sexually.

It’s my mission to help people – like you – regain the clarity, confidence, and meaning they seek in their lives. The skills you learn in therapy empower you to live life on your terms. Together, let’s prioritize you and your dreams. I offer virtual sessions, so grab a warm cup of coffee, your comfies, and let’s chat.

(LPC-Supervisor #74298, LCDC #13093)


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