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Tamera Rasmussen, LMHC, LPCC-C

Tamera is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the State of Texas and Licensed Mental Health Counselor working toward her independent licensure as a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in the state of New Mexico.  Tamera is primarily oriented toward Cognitive-Behavioral approaches; however, she often utilizes an eclectic therapy approach to best meet the needs of her clients including the incorporation of Life-Coaching and physical movement when appropriate.  

Tamera specializes in attachment and intimacy issues and enjoys working with couples and individuals (16 and up) with relationship problems related to sex and intimacy, parenting, co-parenting and divorce transition, general marital distress, anxiety, suicidal ideation, stress, body image and eating issues,  simple and complex trauma, grief/loss, career transition, and phase of life difficulties.  

Tamera’s specific training includes EMDR, Co-Parenting counseling and education, sex and intimacy training and supervision, and certification as Circle of Security parenting educator.  In addition to general adult issues, Tamera is especially passionate about helping parents discover new ways to connect to their children and develop healthy long-term attachments.  Tamera also offers a specific “Life after Weight Loss” psychoeducational counseling program for individuals and groups who are seeking, or have experienced, extreme weight loss and are struggling with emotional, relational, psychological, and physiological changes as a result.  This program was developed by Tamera based on extensive research and personal experience.  

Tamera is passionate about her calling as a psychotherapist and is able to provide both faith based and secular counseling services; she values diversity and enjoys working with a wide range of individuals from all walks of life. Her personal counseling philosophy is holistic in nature with the belief that all parts of a persons life and experience make up who they are and influence how they feel and behave. By supporting clients in exploring all facets of their life experience and behavior, Tamera is able to assist them in isolating problems and developing the specific skills and resources necessary to achieve personal wellness and relationship goals. Tamera believes that achieving freedom from symptoms of anxiety, depression, and trauma allows clients to develop healthier relationships, personal habits, and emotional responses to the stresses of daily life. Tamera believes in an active, honest, and collaborative partnership that allows clients to reach new heights in their journey toward being their best selves! 

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