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Nancy Peskin, LCSW

Ms. Peskin earned her Master of Social Work degree from the University of Pittsburgh in 2000, specializing in Mental Health.  After completing her internship at an inpatient eating disorder facility, Ms. Peskin began her private practice in the outskirts of Pittsburgh before moving with her family to Houston in 2001. Once in Houston, she provided seminars on the emotional and physical havoc caused by eating disorders, and began seeing clients in private practice. In 2004, she launched Premier Psychological Services (PPS), a group practice with over 10 psychologists that currently tests and treats a wide range of disorders in both children and adults. During her time as owner/operator, Ms. Peskin continued working with adults in complicated relationships (turmoil, adultery, love addictions) and also devoted a significant portion of her own practice to helping women battle their issues related to food, self esteem, shame and distorted body images. Ms. Peskin is an EDIT™ Certiļ¬ed II - Eating Disorder Treatment Clinician. Ms. Peskin is also a board member on the Behavioral Health Advisory Committee with Texas Children's Health Plan.  Since selling PPS in late 2018, Ms. Peskin has returned to her passion and her roots by refocusing on her solo clinical practice. Personally, she has been married for over 22 years, enjoys playing the piano, landscaping, race walking, advocating (HB2470) and trying to figure out the family's quirky Basset Hound who clearly has her own issues with food.  One of Ms. Peskin's favorite expressions is "God Blesses Every Day...It's Up To Us to Notice".  To learn her therapeutic approach, please visit her website at www.EnoughAlready8.com.
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